National Youth Coordinator
Kerra Willingham

The CBTU National Youth Committee was established in 1997 to fulfill an imminent need: educating youth, women and other people of color about the history and contributions of CBTU and the labor movement in achieving fairness and equity for minorities and working families in America.

Through CBTU chapter mentorship programs, lectures, workshops, one-on-one organizing campaigns, leaflet distribution in political campaigns or community demonstrations, the energy and talents of black youth are channeled into positive, meaningful and exciting endeavors. One of the major activities of the committee is sponsoring programs that educate children about conflict resolution and encourage them to reject violence.

CBTU youth also participate in community campaigns against violence and the abuse of children. Many CBTU chapters bring youth from their areas to the national CBTU convention, where they participate in the CBTU National Youth Conference. The National Youth Coordinator, who is appointed by the Executive Council, works with the designated Executive Council member to plan the activities and workshops for the youth conference. The National Youth Coordinator also works with chapters and regional representative to develop youth initiatives.


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