Financial Planning
Retired And Broke Is No Joke:

Rosewood Retirement Advisory Services for CBTU Members
Of the 110 million workers today, nearly 50 million have not begun to save and invest through an employer-sponsored retirement plan. While union membership emphasizes the benefits of a pension plan and savings, knowing how much is required for retirement and having a focused strategy and plan remains a challenge. Individuals approaching retirement could realize too late that their nest egg is too small and that they might face financial hardships and a lower standard of living.

Since 1998, Rosewood Retirement Advisory Services has conducted investment education workshops and seminars for CBTU chapters, regions, and the national convention. The company, which is based in Tallahassee, Florida, also advises individual CBTU members and individual unions on Social Security and pension income management. Rodney Roberts, Rosewood's liaison to CBTU, has conducted seminars and held personal finance meetings across the country with numerous labor clients, including: AFSCME in Chicago; NEA national teachers convention in Orlando; UFCW in Atlanta, Kansas City (MO), Buffalo (NY); and the
South Florida AFL-CIO.

In these sessions, union members have learned effective strategies:

  • what to do with extra money from pay increases;
  • how to set up financing for young children1s college education;
  • how to make sound money decisions to achieve retirement security.

Rosewood's retirement planning process is designed to provide CBTU members and chapters with thorough and detailed information in easy-to-understand language. Each person is assigned a retirement counselor who will examine the individual1s expenses, income and available assets to determine the best plan of action for both pre-retirement and retirement. Get expert advise. Don't go broke. Be money smart.

For more information about retirement planning,
contact: J. Rodney Roberts 1-800-370-4846