CBTU Staff

Michael Williams
CBTU Executive Director / Special Assistant to the President

Michael Williams has been responsible for the day-to-day administration of CBTU's national office since 1993. He has been in the labor movement for more than 20 years. His duties include evaluating CBTU programs, fulfilling requests from chapters and approving charters for new chapters before presenting them to the Executive Council. He coordinates CBTU-sponsored town hall meetings, summits and conferences, as well as the Coalition's annual convention, which is a five-day marathon of workshops, speakers, sermons, singing, rallies and resolutions. He also serves as a liaison between the Executive Committee of the CBTU Executive Council and the CBTU Field Coordinator and National Youth Coordinator.

Michael Williams (202) 429-1203 ofc.; (202) 429-1102 fax

Dave Claxton
CBTU Field Coordinator

Dave Claxton, former UFCW National Political Director, crisscrosses the country helping CBTU chapters create and sustain dynamic coalitions with union allies — black churches, community leaders and other community-based organizations. Such CBTU-led coalitions will enhance future organizing drives and political campaigns by generating community awareness and support for common issues and values. He also works with CBTU chapters to bolster the Coalition’s involvement in voter registration and get-out-the-vote campaigns. Other CBTU initiatives that he’s involved in include: supporting youth job training programs, improving urban schools, and restoring America's safety net programs.

Dave Claxton (202) 429-1203 ofc.; (202) 659-5025 fax



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