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Thursday, January 16, 2003

CBTU Calls For Fair Compensation From Ford and Firestone in Death of NAACP Official

Washington, DC –
Earl Shinhoster, former Regional Director and acting Executive Director of the NAACP died on June 11, 2000 from extensive injuries sustained when his Ford Explorer, equipped with Firestone tires, was involved in an accident while in route to Montgomery, Alabama. His family, with strong support from labor, civil rights, religious, and community leaders, has thus far been unsuccessful in reaching a reasonable compensation settlement with Ford and Firestone, both of whose products have been the subject of numerous major lawsuits. The wrongful death case of Mr. Shinhoster has gone to trial at the Macon County State Court in Tuskegee, Alabama.

CBTU President William Lucy stated, “We wish to pledge our full support to the Shinhoster family in their effort to achieve justice through the courts in the form of a fair compensation settlement. We are extremely disappointed that Ford and Firestone are continuing their posture of blame-shifting and denial in this case. We regret that they continue to subject the family to this drawn out legal wrangling, and urge both companies to step up to the table and take responsibility for the poor quality of their products which lead to this unnecessary loss of life. We join with the NAACP in a call for justice without further delay.”



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