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Passing of 2 Civil Rights Icons

On Friday, July 17th, this country lost two great Civil Rights Leaders. Representative John Lewis and Minister CT Vivian both passed away yesterday leaving behind an iconic legacy that has helped shaped the lives of millions of Blacks in this country. Their fearlessness, courageousness, and dedication could only be matched by their love and care for their families and communities. The Black Community and this country lost two powerful voices yesterday and we mourn them as they have moved on.

We are devastated by the passing of John Lewis. No one believed deeper or marched longer than our beloved brother Lewis. He was always on the frontlines of struggles with working people across America and around the world. He shed blood. He got knocked down but always came back stronger. He believed in the power of the masses to overcome injustice. Congressman Lewis is irreplaceable. CBTU extends our sincerest condolences to his family, and we send prayers of comfort to all corners of the world.

CT Vivian was a stalwart of the Civil Rights Movement. He was shoulder to shoulder with Dr. King and advocated against the oppression of Black people with eloquence and finesse. In the words of Dr. King he was “the greatest preacher to ever live.” CBTU mourns the loss of one of our strongest and proudest voices in the fight for justice. We send our love and support to his family as well as to his congregants.

The Black Community and the fight for justice lost two of our greatest leaders yesterday. They dedicated their life to the battle against oppression. It is in their honor that we must continue this struggle. It is in the shadow of their legacy that we must fight as diligently and as long as they did. Standing on their shoulders we must reach for greater heights. While we mourn them moving on, their impact will never be forgotten and their actions continue to inspire CBTU everyday.

July 20: Strike for Black Lives

CBTU will be joining the Movement for Black Lives to strike for Black Lives on Monday and we hope you all will join us (if you aren't already planning on it!). We are a partner of this historic gathering and are encouraging all chapters and regions to get involved and participate. 
You can support by: 

We hope you'll join us by taking these actions.
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There are numerous ways individuals can get involved. We ask you to join and support. 

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